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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

White Island - Mati Davao Oriental

Another fascinating island in Mati Davao Oriental is the White Island. It is a small island with purely white sand and no trees. It is only a few kilometers from Pujada Island.

White Island is often surrounded by huge waves because it lies in an open water of Pacific Ocean. You cannot stay there at night due to it's dangerous huge waves and some part of the island will disappear during high tide.

From Pujada Island, we sail our boats again to reach White Island. At that time, I didn't know that the island was encircled with huge waves. And we are having hard time docking at the shore. So we do some timing with the waves and jump out from the boat as fast as we could.

Upon reaching the island, it's a wonderful feeling walking barefoot. You can see the other side of it facing the whole Pujada Island. It was indeed a scenic view. Perfect for taking pictures having the whole Pujada Island as background.

On the other side of White Island, there were still huge waves banging on the shore. And you can see waves from different directions are coming in. The waves in White Island were much larger compare to Dahican Beach.

It wasn't a sunny day at that moment and we experienced a little rain while sailing but when we reached the White Island, it was so hot and we easily got sunburn. I think it's because the island doesn't have any trees. :D

The hardest part we encountered was the time we depart from White Island. It's really a struggle launching ourselves to the boats again. It's a kinda fighting with the huge waves scenes. But overall, despite of that struggles, we enjoyed that most. It was a childlike experience according to one of my travel buddies. :)

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