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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pujada Island - Mati Davao Oriental

We all know that Mati Davao Oriental is a goldmine of natural wonders and one of this wonders that I can highly recommend is the Pujada Island. Pujada Island was our next target after the harsh huge waves in Dahican Beach Resort.

We hired small boats to get there. Those boats are actually used for fishing that is why it's capacity was only for 2 to 3 person. I enjoyed the view of a numbered small boats sailing together to reach the island. I also enjoyed knowing that the boat operators and the relatives of my friend were also enjoying being with us. One of them said she never reached Pujada Island although she was living in Mati for a long time. :D

Before we headed to Pujada Island, we went to a fish vendor near the island. They sell variety of delicious fishes and some are not really common in a city's wet market. I can say that locals there are truly blessed because they are very rich in marine life. Their fresh water was over flowing too 24 hours each day. They let it flow all day because the water pipe will explode if they'll close it.

When we reached Pujada Island, I was amazed of it's beauty. It is an undeveloped island and populated only by caretakers and locals whose task is to guard the Island from abuse and to maintain it's pristine condition. According to the locals we talk to and to our boat operators, the island was shared by Barangays Lawigan and Macambol.

We explore half of the island by walking along the shore. The white sand were so fine and soft that makes our foot sink a little when stepped on the sand. We enjoyed also taking pictures and doing anime fighting scenes. We want to stay there overnight however there's no light and we didn't brought any tents for sleepover.

How To Get There

From Davao City Ecoland terminal, ride a bus going to Mati and from Mati City, talking to locals is the easiest way to get to Pujada Island. The locals are so very nice and approachable. In our case, we stayed at my friend's relatives which is located just along the sea shore and lots of fisherman's boat docked.

So we asked them if we could rent their boats to help us reach Pujada Island. They were so nice and kind and even them were also having a good time staying on Pujada Island.

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