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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mainit Hot Spring and Pangyan Falls - Brgy. Don Mariano Marcos, Lupon Davao Oriental

At Brgy. Don Mariano Marcos, Lupon Davao Oriental lies a refreshing waterfalls and hot spring. The locals called it Pangyan Falls. It is a small cascading waterfalls and behind the flowing streams, there's a small hot spring tub with a natural flowing luke-warm water.

You need to walk for a few minutes before you can reach the place. The resort was affordable. There are cottages too. And you need to pay entrance fee and parking fee for motorcycle - if you have any. Many locals used to take a bath there and sometimes do their laundry.

At the waterfall curtain, you can swim there but not suitable for diving because it is not too deep. At the time we went there, it's a little rainy day and the waterfalls is kinda heavy.

We tried to cross the shallow flowing stream to reach the other side and try to climb the upper part of the falls. The current is a little strong and can't hardly control our balance. And they said, the current become too strong during a heavy rain season.

We reach the top and witness a nice view there. There's an upper portion but then it's hard to climb it, so slippery and not a so good view. So we just enjoyed the view and water there and then proceed to hot spring to relax out body from the long travel.

Other hotos taken at Pangyan Falls

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