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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sabang Hot Spring at Brgy. Lipol, Balut Island Sarangani, Davao del Sur

The next spot we visited in Balut Island was the Sabang Hot Spring. Some suggested to go there at night right after the island hopping to let ourselves relax and experience a bath in hot spring.

sabang hot spring balut island sarangani

But to our surprise, Sabang Hot Spring has a temperature that can be hot as 80C - you can really boil an egg here! Sabang Hot Spring is about 16 meters wide. There were two enclosed hot springs there. The small one and the heart shaped one. The heart shape hot spring has the hottest temperature as it is very near to a huge volcanic hole where you can see the water is really boiling. It produce sulfur also - which they said it's good for skin and used by many spa.

sabang hot spring balut island sarangani

According to the boat operator, Sabang Hot Spring, Olaniban Island and even the M/V Song of Dolly 3 are owned by RD Group of Companies.

Maybe few years from now, there will be available spas near the Sabang Hot Spring. It might be fully develop also as the place was already promoted on TV and a recommended tourist attraction in Mindanao.

Sabang Hot Spring is located at Barangay Lipol and about 1 hour and 30 minutes travel from Olaniban Island.

sabang hot spring balut island sarangani

sabang hot spring balut island sarangani

While strolling around Balut Island and while heading to Sabang Hot Spring, we witness these scenic view of Bolae Cove and Tuke Nunsol. Really breathtaking. Check out these photos.

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