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Friday, October 5, 2012

Wishing Island Samal

wishing island samal

Been so many times in Isla Reta and still the water were so nice and crystal clear with it's very fine white sand. At the time we went there this summer, somebody asked us to do island hopping in Samal.

We were so blessed to experience Samal Island Hop for only Php 1000.00 good for 8 persons. That's his last price he offered to us and instantly we grabbed it.

wishing island samal

The first island we visited was the Wishing Island. The island doesn't have shore but it is still beautiful. It is surrounded with mangroves and the water was so blue that's so indulging. I was often puzzled why it is called "Wishing Island" - searching online I found some old stories about Wishing Island.

Residents nearby that island called it as an "Enchanted Island". They said, the island can only be seen during low tide and vanished during high tide. Before, Wishing Island was a favorite place to do picnic during weekend and there were group of backpackers having a good time there and got drunk that cause them to became so rowdy.

wishing island samal

To their surprise, a storm rock them in the middle of the day light and no one was able to leave the island and they were drowned on the water. They said, when you were on the Wishing Island, silence should be observed and leave immediately when high tide comes.

Scary isn't it? The stories might be true or not but just be extra careful when you hop at Wishing Island. Usually, these days, no one will stay til night there, it's obviously not good.

More Wishing Island Photos

wishing island samal

wishing island samal

wishing island samal

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