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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Boracay Resort at Kisulad, Sta. Maria Davao del Sur

Enjoying summer, I found a nice fine white sand beach resort in Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. Before, it was known as Puting Balas - a visayan term for white sand but the real resort name was Mariscal Beach Resort. Owned by Sta. Maria Mayor Rudy Mariscal.

It's white shoreline was measured for about 2 kilometers long. People would mistakenly thought that the sand were artificially dumped there because after this long kilometers of fine white sand resides a gradient black and brown sand. But then locals said that those white sand were really natural.

Nowadays, the resort was known as Little Boracay because of it's Boracay like white powdery sand. The difference are no parties and fire dancing, few people come and go and no hotels. But some of us wants a hideout to have inner peace and serenity and I can recommend Little Boracay as your perfect serenity getaway.

The resort has airconditioned rooms too and neat open cottages for a cheap cost. They also accomodate seminars, they have functional rooms and hall.

Entrance Fees and Other Cost

Entrance fee PHP 20.00
Airconditioned Room PHP 1,000/day
No food and drinks corkage

How to Get There

Mariscal Beach Resort or Little Boracay was located exactly in Kisulad, Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. It's 96 kilometers from Davao City. By land, you can ride a bus bound to Sta. Maria. Davao City bus terminal is located in Ecoland. Non aircon buses only cost Php 80.00 and air conditioned buses like Metroshuttle would cost Php 142.00 and Metroshuttle non air conditioned bus cost only Php 132.00. From Sta. Maria, take a tricycle and ask them to take you at Little Boracay.

Other Photos Taken at Little Boracay

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