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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baclayon Church and Blood Compact - Tagbilaran Bohol

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church is said to be the oldest church in Bohol. Before I only wished to go there but recently this year, I was pinching myself and I was really there and facing in front of Baclayon Church. I had a different religious belief since I am a Pentecost Christian but I have a respectful point of view and beliefs of other people. :D

bohol baclayon church

Blood Compact

Another inclusion spot in Tagbilaran day tour is the The Blood Compact which is a very significant part of the Boholano culture. Every June and July, the Boholanos pay tribute to that culture through a Sandugo Festival. Sandugo Festival is mostly characterized by balls, beauty pageants, sporting events and other fun activities. During those months, Bohol is in a peak season so better travel to Bohol during that time to witness how they celebrate and gives tribute to their culture. Learning other places culture is also fun and educational. I am planning to go back there and celebrate Sandugo Festival with Boholanos. :)

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