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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hanging Bridge and Loboc Mini Zoo - Tagbilaran Bohol

Hanging Bridge

The hanging bridge is located on the upper part of Loboc. It is comprised of bamboos and steel. It is about 25 meters about the river and 40 meters in length. There are two bridges there. Scary to look at first but you'll enjoy if you already there. I swear. :D I admit that there are some part of the bridge really scares me out because I stepped on a soft bamboo and it seems like it will break, so to be careful, you must watch your steps and hold on to the harness on each side of the bridge.

bohol hanging bridge

Loboc Mini Zoo

We also visited Loboc Mini Zoo. There's a lot to see inside like extremely large python, ostrich, monkeys, iguana, leopard and other animals. You can also found there the most largest python in Bohol however when we went there, that python was not around due to expired permit according to our tourist guide and driver.

loboc mini zoo

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