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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cinco Masao Beach Resort - Barangay Tamisan, Sitio Masao Mati Davao Oriental

Cinco Masao Beach Resort is located in Barangay Tamisan, Sitio Masao Mati Davao Oriental and owned by Mr. Vic Cinco. Today, Cinco Masao Beach Resort is one of the most popular among the beaches located in the Masao beach since it is well-developed and has more facilities.

Cinco Masao offers white sand beaches and a crystal clear waters. It has cottages on a jetty, airconditioned rooms, lodging rooms, a function hall and a restaurant. There are also motorized pump boats which can be hired for island hopping to Waniban Island, Pujada Island and the vanishing Oak Island. Their cottages and function rooms ranges from 300 to 4000 for the air conditioned rooms.

From the city proper of Mati its will take you around 15-20 minutes to travel going to the resort. You can hire a motorcyle or a tricycle that will serve as your means of transportation. But much better if you have your own car.

Mati, Davao Oriental is much deserving to be one of the country’s best tourist destinations. It is not only a beach or resort destination, with many white sand beaches to choose from. We of course, were not able to experience the entire thing, which makes for a very good reason to come back.

Location: Barangay Tamisan, Sitio Masao Mati Davao Oriental
Budget: Ranging from PHP2,000 up depending on days you will stay