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Friday, July 29, 2011

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort - Samal Island

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort is the best place for fun slides beaches. It doesn't have shore like other beaches but instead it has a cliff on the edge with giant slides that extends towards the water, makes it dramatic specially during sunset.

The waters are crystal clear and deep which makes it very perfect for snorkeling and diving. Maxima Aqua Fun Resort is known because of it's long water slide that drops you down to a 100 feet water. Shaking? No, don't worry, you will wear a life vest to help you float on water and there are lifeguards waiting for you on the water. Very secure and safe.

There are few cottages, there are grills available for cooking. And for fun activities like diving and snorkeling, equipments are all available with fee of course. When going to Maxima Aqua Fun Resort, you must bring all utensils and food you needed because there's no shop near at the resort. Inside they sell drinks but a bit higher rate. You can also stay overnight if you want. You can choose various of lodgings or you can bring your own tents if you choose to camp out.

How To Get There

Getting there is very easy specailly when you bring your own car. If not, then take a bus with Samal Island route. Usually Samal Island bus terminal are located in Sta. Ana wharf and in Sasa Wharf. Then from bus terminal, take a motorcycle that will take you to Maxima Aqua Fun Resort.

Here are the Rates for Maxima Aqua Fun Resort

Package A - PHP200.00 (per person)


-free use of lifevest
-free use of tables and chairs
-unlimited use of diving board
-unlimited use of tampoline
-unlimited use of the slide

Package B - PHP250.00 (per person)


-free use of lifevest
-free use of tables and chairs
-unlimited use of diving board
-unlimited use of tampoline
-unlimited use of the slide
-Eagle view of Canopy walk

(Every Saturday and Sunday only)
Other Rates

-Children Rate (2 yrs to 10 years old) -P150 per person
-Eagle View Canopy Walk - P50.00 per head
-Camping (overnight) - P350 per head
-tent for Rent (good for 3 pax) - P300 per tent
-Aquafun cottage (overnight) - P1,800 (max of 4 pax)
-Bigote dormitory (overnight) - P500 per head

Equipments Available for Rent:

Jetski - P3500 per hour
Jetski with banana boat (max of 6 pax)-P4,000 per hour
Banana boat ride (max of 6 pax) - P250.00 per person per 15 mins.
Kayak boat (max of 2 pax) - P300 per hour

Transport Options

Speedboat (max of 10 pax)
Roundtrip Sta Ana. Pier to Maxima - P6500
Roundtrip Penaplata pier to Maxima - P3000
Roundtrip Beach house to Maxima - P1000