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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trekking Tips

Hiking or trekking is a challenging activity, can benefit both mentally and physically. Trekking not only means hiking a long trail but also it involves climbing such high peaks, rock climbing, undergo river trekking and also swimming. Being a trekker, one must be physically fit, has a great pace and endurance.

In order to reach base camp safely on the right time, experienced trekker usually timed their activities like they should be done river trekking at this time and so on.

You must also consider dealing with bad weather conditions like climbing a wet surface, slippery and rocky mountain and analyzing the water level and current of a river when weather changes before crossing it. One must also know knotting a rope and can easily pinpoint the nearest exit in case of emergency. Since you are doing an adventure, you must be prepared and must avoid some accidents that are very high risk on this activity. These includes drowning, slipping off wet trails, falling from cliffs, getting lost in the forest, exhaustion and wounded. These accidents should be avoided to acquire success in your adventure trip.

Another tip is that know your capacity and limits. Not all forest and rivers are easy to accomplish. Before doing it so, analyze first your capacity if you can be able to accomplish such things. Start with minor climb if you are a first timer and when doing a river trek, you must not do it alone and don't go for a river that you may find it too difficult to cross. Doing that may put your life at risk.

When trekking, make sure to bring important things with you to help you deal with this situation easily. You can check out the list of things to bring when going out to travel. Put in mind to bring only important things and make your bags light weight as possible. Bring waterproof bag cover to protect your bags from getting wet. Wet bags will double it's normal weight and carrying heavy bags will be more difficult to you and can lower your pace.


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