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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dayang Beach Resort - Linusotan Talicud, Samal Island

Been with so many resorts last summer and one nice resorts that I like the most is the Dayang Beach Resort located in Talicud Island. Unlike common resorts, typically they have massive people specially during summer yet the place is nice, renovated and some of them truly a high class.

But Dayang Beach Resort is a quite place with white fine sand, i mean really not yet fully developed and not a common resort to people. Dayang Beach Resort is a private resort before and only caretakers and owners friends can go at the resort however due to more demand, Dayang Beach Resort was open to public last 2 years ago, I think.

Dayang is a Muslim term which means "Princess" and they said if you go there caretakers will treat you like a princess and princes however due to low power they have on the place, treating like a princess term doesn't sound to be an exact term when you are that resort. But I apprecite the kindness of the owner and the caretakers, really they are nice and approachable.

When I visit Dayang Beach Resort, I fell in love with the water. Like any other resorts in Talicud Island, the waters are really the best compared to resorts in Samal Island fronting Davao City. Cottages are already available, you can choose cottage variety like a closed two storey nipa hut cottage or a close cottage for two or 5 persons and an open cottages for a very low prices. During my stay, I got a room that is worth only PHP500.00 and good for 5 persons. The cottage has already beddings, light and electric fan. There's no entrance fee when you get a cottage and there's no food and beverage corkage. You can let the caretakers cook your food and just pay for like PHP30.00 per 1 kilo rice. Very affordable.

Dayang Beach Resort's comfort room is not that good because only sea waters available on the faucet but I think it would still do since the water is not itchy. The electricty is limited. It is only powered by a generator. You cannot charged mobile phones, insert sound components because it is only limited, however during our stay, the owners permit us to charge cellphone and portable DVD player at her house for free.

All in all, Dayang Beach Resort is a recommended place if you don't like a crowded resorts. Good for confidential meetings, relaxing and chilling moments and can be a place for a family outing. Very affordable, nice and secure. Secure because Dayang Beach Resort has security guard.

How To Get There:

Getting to Dayang Beach Resort is very easy. I am from Davao City and if you want to go there, from Sta. Ana Wharf, you can ride a boat named J N Rey. That boat goes directly to Dayang Beach Resort and leaves the wharf at 1:30PM. May extend depending on the volume of the passenger. The same boat leaves at Dayang Beach Resort at exactly 7:00AM. There's no other sheduled boat trip however if you want to go early in the morning, you can ride a boat that goes to Dadatan Wharf, Talicud Island and then ride a motorcycle that will take you to Dayang Beach Resort. Boat fare is only PHP60.00 and will took approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Other photos taken at Dayang Beach Resort, Talicud Island

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trekking Tips

Hiking or trekking is a challenging activity, can benefit both mentally and physically. Trekking not only means hiking a long trail but also it involves climbing such high peaks, rock climbing, undergo river trekking and also swimming. Being a trekker, one must be physically fit, has a great pace and endurance.

In order to reach base camp safely on the right time, experienced trekker usually timed their activities like they should be done river trekking at this time and so on.

You must also consider dealing with bad weather conditions like climbing a wet surface, slippery and rocky mountain and analyzing the water level and current of a river when weather changes before crossing it. One must also know knotting a rope and can easily pinpoint the nearest exit in case of emergency. Since you are doing an adventure, you must be prepared and must avoid some accidents that are very high risk on this activity. These includes drowning, slipping off wet trails, falling from cliffs, getting lost in the forest, exhaustion and wounded. These accidents should be avoided to acquire success in your adventure trip.

Another tip is that know your capacity and limits. Not all forest and rivers are easy to accomplish. Before doing it so, analyze first your capacity if you can be able to accomplish such things. Start with minor climb if you are a first timer and when doing a river trek, you must not do it alone and don't go for a river that you may find it too difficult to cross. Doing that may put your life at risk.

When trekking, make sure to bring important things with you to help you deal with this situation easily. You can check out the list of things to bring when going out to travel. Put in mind to bring only important things and make your bags light weight as possible. Bring waterproof bag cover to protect your bags from getting wet. Wet bags will double it's normal weight and carrying heavy bags will be more difficult to you and can lower your pace.