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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark - Samal Island

Enjoying the heat of summer, my friends and I decided to go to Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark. I been longing to go there and now I got a chance to visit the place. So I decided to file a vacation leave one week before our scheduled summer trip.

We meet up at Sta. Ana Wharf and take a boat ride going directly to Bluejaz. They have own boat headed to the resort. Upon reaching the place, it is really a jaw breaking view. It is a modern style resort, very nice swimming pools and a challenging slides.

They are strict with swim wear. You are only allowed to swim on the pool if you wear appropriate swimming suits like silk swimsuits and swimming trunks. Cotton tops and with zipper are not allowed.

When stating only at day, day tour fee is only Php100.00 per head. That includes the entrance fee, open cottage, boat fare and usage of swimming pool and slides.

Night tour rate is Php250.00 per head and includes entrance fee, open cottage, swimming pools and slides and round trip boat fare. There are closed cottages that are available at least minimum of Php500.00 and of course, corkage are expected.


  1. How much is that big closed cottage? and how many person are allowed on that cottage?

  2. wow perfect place for my family outing. Will be there soon.