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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things to Bring When Going to Travel

When going out to travel, one must bring important things and gadgets. Seriously without these things your travel won't be easy. Preparing things is the first thing to do before going out. So here are some list of important things that you must bring.

1.] Bag
When traveling, your bag is considered as your life. It is advised to bring light weight backpacks to make you feel comfortable specially when hiking. Don't bring unneccessary things, this will just make your bag heavy.

2.] Clothes
Don't bring too many clothes. Choose light weight clothings, you can wear shorts instead of pants and silk tops to fold it small as possible but depending on the location you are to visit. When visiting religious sites, churches and mosques then shorts are not allowed.

To make 2 pairs of clothing usefull in a couple of days, you can wash used clothes and then dry it. Trek pants and silk clothes dry easily. But if you hike forest, wear a light trek pants and long sleeve tops to keep you away from mosquitos and leech. These are essential depending on the location you will visit. If you are going in a beach then wearing long sleeve looks odd.

Jacket is also important. This can help you keep warm during cold nights. Swim wear- bring this as extra if you think you might be needing some.

3.]Foot Wear
You can bring light slippers for a comfortable walk but still depending on the location you are on. Hiking shoes and sandals are effecient if you trek slippery forest. You can bring both if you want but I'm sure there's no space inside your bag. Some backpackers just hang their footwear on their packs.

Bottom line: Bring clothes you are comfortable. If they are light and practical all the better.

4.] Swiss Army Knife
An ordinary little knife will do if you don't have a swiss army knife. This is very useful specially if you do hiking or camping. It can be used as can or bottle opener, knife and etc. When passing through airport, you should place it in your checked luggage so that it won't be confiscate in airport security.

5.] First Aid Kit
Medications and other healthcare stuffs are also important. Headache, Wounds, cuts and burns might happen during your travel and it is better to be prepared.

6.] Camera and Batteries
Picture taking is always present in travel time. I mean, all of us wants a sovenier before leaving the place and pictures are the perfect one.

7.] Mobile Phone
For some reason, it is advisable to bring any device that can contact other people in case of emergencies. Mobile charger is also neccessary.

8.] Torch Light
This is usefull when hiking a mountain and sleeping on the base camp at night. Tents are also essential on this locations.

Things that you should not carry

Water - you can buy mineral water everywhere so why bother placing water bottles on your bag. When hiking, there are fresh water streams you can drink inside the forest. Yes, they are clean and it tastes heavenly compared to bottled water you buy.

Some say bringing map and compas are important. For me, it isn't because if you get lost, the very simple thing to do is ask. You can just ask people to point you in a right direction. And travel tour guides are always there waiting you to hire them on your trip.

So these are the essential things that you must bring when going out and exploring the world wonders in every nation. Hoping this can help you make you travel easy and convenient.


  1. Thank You for the list of things to bring when you go travel. Now, I know the list to bring with thi summer in my excursion.