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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baguio City Tour - Bell Church, Burnham Park, Horse Riding and Mines View

I started traveling outside Mindanao when Cebu Pacific Air offers very low air fare. They usually offered Piso fare and we tried hard to book for some seats. Last February, we successfully booked at Cebu Pacific Air through their Piso fare promo. We choose Baguio City as our travel destination. Baguio City is one of the popular, highlighted tourist spots in the Philippines and considered as the best places in the Philippines. It is described to be a cold weather place because of it's high land location. Baguio City is a small improving town with a very nice people. There are many nice places to visit in Baguio during your stay.

places to visit in Baguio

places to visit in Baguio

We reached Baguio City around 9:00 in the evening. It is a long trip and good thing the bus has television which helps us to be awake. We noticed that we just entered on Baguio City as we started to see lights down at the other cities. And as we jumped off the bus, the cold breeze really knocked us down. We even wear jackets but still the temperature is very cold. That time we missed the Panagbenga event but the city is still crowded because of the live bands at the Session Road. We decided to go around the road, went to bars and watch some live band shows. After that, we checked in at Rider's Lodge and take some rest for our day tour tomorrow.

We started our first day tour by taking a breakfast with our tour guide and driver. We hire a van to tour us around. One nice spot that I like the most is the Baguio Bell Church. We can usually see some Chinese temple at Cebu City and in Davao City but Baguio City is the best Chinese temple I ever seen. You will have a great experience climbing the top of the temple and see the breathtaking view downstairs. Since it is a high land, you will really need to exert effort climbing so that you can reach the top.

places to visit in Baguio

places to visit in Baguio

places to visit in Baguio

On the temple you will see a nice sculpture like sea dragon, great lion, Chinesse writings and a garden like look. Other than that, there are many places to visit in Baguio City. It is really a great experience and a must included place in your travel blog.

places to visit in Baguio

How To Get There Without Taking a Package Tour

We travel from Davao City to Manila via Cebu Pacific Air and from Manila you can ride a bus going to Baguio City. There are two bus terminals in Manila that are bounded to Baguio City. We choose the Victory Liner bus terminal in Pasay City since it is much nearer from Mall of Asia. You have 3 options in bus fare. There is a non air conditioned with a cheaper fare, PHP500.00 for an air conditioned bus with 3 stops and PHP700.00 for non stop deluxe airconditioned bus. Approximately the travel will took you 5 hours so better travel during sleep time so you can save the remaining time on your city tour and then travel back daylight to witness the nice view of whole Baguio City.

Suggested Itinerary For Baguio City Tourist Spots

Day 1
10:00 am Davao Airport
12:00 nn ETD Davao Airport
01:00 pm ETA Manila Airport
01:30 pm Mall of Asia Tour
06:00 pm Dinner
07:00 pm ETA Pasay Victory Liner Bus Terminal
08:00 pm ETD Bus Terminal
01:00 am ETA Baguio City
02:00 am Lodge at Rider Lodge (Suggested Inn-PHP900.00 for 4 persons in 1 airconditioned room)

Day 2
06:00 am Breakfast
07:00 am Prepare for Baguio Tour
08:00 am Strawberry Farm
09:00 am ETD Strawberry Farm
09:30 am Botanical Garden
10:00 am Horse Riding, Wright Park
11:00 am Lunch
01:00 pm Philippine Military Academy
02:00 pm Burnham Park
04:00 pm Mines View, Pasalubong outside Mines View
05:30 pm ETD Mines View
06:30 pm Dinner at SM Baguio
10:00 pm Session Road
12:00 mn Bus Terminal
01:00 am ETD Terminal
06:00 am ETA Manila Pasay Terminal

Location: Bell Church, La Trinidad Baguio City
Budget: 5000-7000 per person
Contact Number: 09173554788 - Kuya Sam (Offers 1 Day Baguio City Daylight Tour)
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